Sep. 20, 2023

HARRISBURG – Rep. Joe Hogan (R-Bucks) announced the creation of a new page on his website, focused on helping constituents be educated and alerted on potential scams and fraud that are occurring in Pennsylvania.

“After the incredible attendance that we had at the fraud alert service event last week,” Hogan said. “It was clear to me that there was a desire to have more information made available to them about potential scams, and on ways they can be ready to fight against and report those scams.”

On Rep. Hogan’s website under his resources tab, there is now a page labeled “Fraud and Scam Information”. This page has links to multiple different resources that report on new scams and fraud attempts across Pennsylvania, as well as contact information that constituents can use to report possible scams or fraud attempts to Bucks County or Pennsylvania authorities. A video of Rep. Hogan’s fraud alert service event, along with the sign-up form for the service, is also available on this page.

“I always want to make sure my constituents are informed and protected against any attempt to scam or defraud them,” Hogan said, “By having this information available all in one place, it will be a valuable resource to every individual in my district in the fight against scams and fraud. The best prevention for these types of criminal acts is education. I will continue to make sure the residents of the 142nd District have all the information they need to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

For more information, you can contact Hogan’s Penndel office at 215-752-6750 or through his website at

Representative Joe Hogan
142nd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Joe Szymanski /